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Whether you've already lost one or more teeth or have just been told that a tooth needs to be removed, the impact can be devastating. No one likes the idea that their smile will be incomplete, and we all rely on every one of our tooth for eating, speaking and smiling with ease.

If you are considering the alternative of getting a dental implant, then you need to be aware that the procedure is a surgical one. Because implants are the latest standard of care for replacing missing teeth, implant surgery is unlikely to be covered by your dental insurance. Most insurance companies will only cover partial costs of older treatments. While costs can vary, implant treatment is not inexpensive. Does that mean that you should go to the dentist who charges the least to give you an implant? Well, consider it this way: if you were going to have heart surgery, would you want to find the cheapest surgeon possible to cut open your chest? Your answer to these questions would be, "No, of course not!" Although price would always be a factor, you would also take into account many other things like safety, quality, care and long-term value.


We recommend that you take those things into account when you get your implant. After all, dental implants are fixtures that are placed permanently into your mouth. Once placed, it can not be taken out without considerable bone damage. More importantly, you will be relying on them every day to eat, to speak and to complete your smile. Isn't it important that they be done right – the FIRST time?


Many dental offices will tell you that after implant surgery, you should expect to wait at least 6 months before they can fit you with a crown. Think carefully: are you willing to be without the tooth or teeth in question for months? How will it affect your daily life?


Thanks to the state-of-the-art surgical procedures employed by Dr. Said you can expect this to be 3-4 months, not 6-8. And you won't be toothless while you wait. The temporary crowns that Dr. Said creates are extremely high-quality acrylic crowns, matched to your own teeth, and comfortably fit to your bite. As with any surgery, there are dangers from possible infection, over or under-use of anesthesia. You can be sure that we have taken every possible precaution to make sure that your surgery here will be safe and successful.