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The purpose of removing certain types of fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, and bone cavitations from the mouth is to remove a potential source of toxic elements from the body. The purpose of heavy metal detoxification is to remove potentially harmful toxic elements from within the body's cells where it is potentially causing biologic dysfunction.

It is worth mentioning that detoxification is technically considered a medical treatment, which means that dentists do not treat patients for heavy metal detoxification. Detoxification may be beneficial before and during dental treatment, but understand that it is quite essential after dental treatment. If detoxification is needed but is not utilized, a person likely will not experience significant improvement in their health.

Generally, supplements are used to displace mercury and other toxins from its cellular binding sites, augment the excretion of mercury, restore depleted nutrients, protect cell membranes, enhance excretory organ function, and enhance immune function. If you already are on a detoxification program, is it designed specifically for mercury and other heavy metals? If not, consider that it might be more beneficial to use one of the heavy metal protocols, and then resume your general nutritional/dietary/lifestyle program after completion of a heavy metal detoxification program.

There are numerous detoxification protocols which utilize dietary/nutritional and lifestyle changes. Since we are not experts on detoxification, and cannot be directly involved with detoxification, we can only pass along information about protocols that have been reported to be effective. Understand that we do not recommend or endorse any particular protocol. Any supplements you choose to take should be based on a consultation with an appropriate healthcare professional knowledgeable about heavy metal detoxification because of the complex inter-relationship between nutrients and physiology. There are both universal protocols and customized protocols.

The following publications/websites and products may be helpful:

• Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD (
• The IV-C Mercury Tox Program by H.L. "Sam" Queen, CCN, CNS (
• Oral Chelation by Extended Health (
• NDF by BioRay, Inc (
• Products by CFS Nutrition (
• Metal-Free by Body Health (
• PCA-Rx by Maxam Nutraceutics (
• CyChroMax P-450 by Nature’s Balance (  
• Detoxamin by World Health Products (

Other therapies that have been used are:

• Intravenous chelation -Vitamin C, DMPS, DMSA, D-penicillinase
• Low heat saunas, far infrared saunas, and epsom salt baths.
• Diet
• Homeopathy
• Feldenkreis therapy
• Colonics
• Cranial-sacral therapy
• Acupressure

Because of dental license limitations, we do not directly involve ourselves in the treatment of heavy metal detoxification. Therefore, here are names of practitioners who are knowledgeable in the field of heavy metal detoxification. By providing these names, our only intent is to help you contact reputable practitioners who may be able to help you with detoxification.

We do not endorse or recommend any particular product or practitioner because we strongly believe that it is in the patient's best interest to choose the most appropriate practitioner and treatment based on their unique health problems. Be aware that some treatments are considered controversial and not offered in conventional medicine.